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Excellent food

Jeanette, 22 Mar 2020

I really enjoyed my dinner tonight, thank you :)! The lamb was perfect. I don't think Tikka should be so spicy but I really enjoy the one from here. Thank you for listening to my order requirements I really appreciate it

Robyn, 19 Mar 2020

The last time we had it it was lovely and nice and hot thank you

Eileen, 08 Feb 2020

Very enjoyable. Many thanks

Nick, 30 Jan 2020

Nice food and quick delivery service

Tony, 22 Jan 2020

Love this place

Rowena, 22 Jan 2020

Great food and quick service

Chrissy, 07 Jan 2020

Great food and service...

Chrissy, 07 Jan 2020

Thank you

Billal, 16 Dec 2019

Nice food

Tony, 14 Dec 2019

Nice food

Tony, 14 Dec 2019

sorry could you replace the tomatoes with pineapples sorry thanks

Billal, 12 Dec 2019

after an app update this week, things didn't go as usual, but after a quick phone call it was resolved and my late order was delivered as fresh cooked food. I cannot fault this place, I use this place every week, but was sorted straight away.

Mark Lamont, 30 Nov 2019

Really enjoyed as a first time customer, great priced compared to some. Will definitely come back

Debbie, 30 Nov 2019

very nice thank you

Billal, 25 Oct 2019

Nice food

Moazam, 02 Oct 2019

Really nice kebab, lots of meat,fresh salad,choice of 2 sauces in a nice hot nan bread,can highly recommend.

Lindsey, 13 Sep 2019

Thumbs up :)

Craig, 08 Sep 2019

great food, still had 20 minutes on the delivery time, easy to use app, can't fault this service. happy family.

Mark Lamont, 07 Sep 2019

Very nice food and friendly staff

Laura, 07 Jun 2019


Debi, 29 May 2019

Good quality food, at good prices, and arrives normally in good time.

Nick, 28 May 2019

Nice food

Debi, 27 May 2019

Amazing food always

Debi, 24 May 2019

Great service

Tony, 08 May 2019

Tasty but not very hot on delivery and not enough salad with the chicken tikka kebab.

Laura , 28 Mar 2019